What Security Guards Can And Cannot Do

We have seen that most of the businessmen prefer the private security guards as they are able to provide us with the complete security to the business property, maintain a peaceful ambiance, and their capability in protecting the business against any type of theft. But there are certain questions that come to our mind regarding the legal responsibilities of the security guards. Most importantly, they are not the police officer and due to this reason, some of their functions become restricted. In this article, we shall help you in knowing what responsibilities the security guards possess and what not. Click the link to read more information about security services.

Can the security guard arrest someone?

It is important for all of us to know that the private security guards cannot arrest anyone. It is only because of the lack of law enforcement. Though the private security guards are unable to arrest anybody, they have the right to make any citizen get arrested following the laws. In this case, they have to contact the law enforcement immediately to prevent any legal actions to be taken against them. The difference between the law enforcement and the security service is that the law enforcement can arrest a person based on the reasonable cause but the security officer can arrest a person only when the criminality has been proved. For him the only suspicion of a crime is not enough to arrest anybody. The security guard can only make a person arrested if the crime has been committed during the omnipresence of the guard.

Are they allowed to use firearms or other weapons?

The private security guards are allowed to use the firearms legally along with other weapons like baton or mace. The firearms can only be used at the time of severe crimes like- murder, attempt to murder, and any situation where the human life is threatened etc. Before using the firearms against anybody the security guards will have to go through the training sessions and have to be licensed to use the aforementioned weapon. In the case of using the firearms, the security guard will have to fill the detailed report of the situation to make it justifiable for everyone.

What are their jurisdictions?

In the case of jurisdiction, you must know that the private security guards have the right over only the private property they are dealing with. They don’t possess any legal rights on anything outside their assigned property. For instance- if a crime has been committed on the property which is not monitored by a private security guard, then he is not allowed to arrest the felony directly. The professional private security guards should always be aware of his or her responsibilities and restrictions to avoid any kind of mishaps occur to him or her. If you want to hire the private security guards then you must contact the highly ranked companies having trained and experienced security guards with whom you can expand your business safely and securely. Before hiring the security guard you need to cross check his or her background carefully.